One of the Core Principles we uphold at Bluefire Institute is “The Body is Paramount.” We believe that to Live Life on Fire, your health and your body need to support you – to have nothing in the way of the fullest expression of your self in the world. In our view, Wellness incorporates more than eating right and exercise. We also want you to experience peace and joy in your life, enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships and connect with how you occupy your body to create a symbiotic relationship between ‘You’ and ‘Your Body.’

We offer three ways to engage around wellness:

Group Programs:

Healthy Women:

Jumpstart your Wellness Journey in the circle of women also committed to taking on their health and well-being in an intentional way. Experience a ‘map’ for navigating change that gives you perspective on how you’ve approached this before and how, this time, it can be different and long lasting. You’ll also create your unique vision and strategy for wellness and leave energized and excited to implement this into your life! Delivered in an interactive one-day workshop format.

Individual Coaching:

WellnessVision Session

We will guide you one on one in a 3-4 hour session to create a vision for ‘what’s next’ for you, with a particular focus on areas related to Wellness, that makes you feel alive. Using a process called The Lights-On Learning Method®, you will see and have the experience of what ‘lights you up’ and learn how to more efficiently follow your aliveness creating flow in your life. Come away energized and clear about your vision for how Wellness expresses itself uniquely in your life along with a strategy for implementing changes to bring your vision into reality! The investment for this session is $399. Contact us to schedule yours!

On-going Support Coaching

Following or during any one of our programs, you may request one on one coaching to support you in manifesting the vision you have created for your self and your life. Sessions are individualized and will be designed around exactly what you need to move forward from where you are. This includes how frequently we coach, how long each session is, how many sessions are included as well as what is covered in each session. Pricing varies and reflects the program we create. Contact us to design a coaching support program for you!

Shaklee Products:

Bluefire Institute has chosen to partner with Shaklee to bring you products to support your journey to wellness and vibrant health. Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States and has a more than 50 year history of bringing the highest quality products direct to customers. In our experience, if you are going to use products to support your wellness journey, these products are the best choice. The Shaklee Difference is that Shaklee products are always safe, always work and always green…Shaklee was founded on the principle of “Living in Harmony with Nature” and has been a sustainably-oriented company since the very beginning. As Shaklee’s values align so well with those of Bluefire Institute, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Shaklee products. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation or browse our Shaklee website.