Do you want to feel more alive every day?

Have you ‘given up’ on the creative part of yourself?

How would your life be different if you trusted your intuition more?

The process we use to CREATE is not only related to art, but to anything and everything we are bringing forth into the world. Whether you think of yourself as a ‘creative’ person or not, we are all using the process of creativity to make things happen for us. The more practice and power you have in navigating that process, the more freedom you will experience in all areas of life.

In our Creativity offerings, you will dive into this deeply intuitive process and access a powerful tool for self-discovery and awareness. Using paint on paper, the emphasis is always on the process, not the product. We establish a safe way to explore through specific guidelines and facilitated questions. Through this, you begin to allow your intuition to be the guide and find yourself more and more easily in flow.

As you practice releasing judgements and self-imposed limits, you will discover the unexpected and find the courage to move beyond, forever transforming your relationship with your self and your world. You will be living from your “Creative Self!”


Creating from Within Offerings:

Bluefire Institute is pleased to offer Creating from Within in several formats: 1-Day and Weekend Workshops, 4 or 6-session Classes, and Private Groups. The longer the workshop, the longer you have in the process, which allows for deeper process and learning to emerge. See below for upcoming dates for each format. Most of our workshops and classes are held at the Bluefire Studio located just west of Ann Arbor.


Upcoming Workshops:

Creating from Within: Rec & Ed Workshop:

We are pleased to offer the following classes in collaboration with Ann Arbor Rec & Ed!

4-Session Class:

4 Sundays (1:00pm – 3:30pm), Fall 2017 dates to be determined

Space limited to 8 participants for each class series; Series will take place at Eberbach Cultural Arts Building in Burns Park area



Creating from Within: 1-Day Workshop:

(10am – 6pm)

Fall 2017 dates to be determined

Space limited to 6 participants


To Register:

Registration Closed – check back for our next 1-Day workshop!

Creating from Within: Weekend Workshop

Next Weekend Workshop will be in late 2017…

Space limited to 6 participants


To Register:

Registration Closed – check back for our next weekend workshop!

Private Groups:

Do you have a group of at least 4 people that would enjoy exploring this process together? Maybe it’s a ‘Girls Night Out,’ a Book Group looking for adventure, your work group or other organization? Or, perhaps, you are celebrating a milestone and want to bring a group of special people together for something meaningful? Contact Laura to explore creating a special event for your group! Prices will vary depending on the event and might be something like $30 person for up to 3 hours or $75/person for a full day experience. All supplies would be provided along with a facilitator to bring you the unique experience you desire!

Individual Coaching:

If you would like a private experience or are working with a particular issue that you’d like to bring the process of Creativity to, contact Laura to make arrangements. We will work together create a package and/or process that will best support you.


Bluefire Studio is located inside ‘trustArt Studios,’ in Suite 1 of 7885 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.