Do you feel an insistent nudge that there’s something more you are here to do?

Perhaps you feel as if you’ve lost YOURSELF somewhere along the way?

Has a career or business that used to be satisfying lost its spark?

When old dreams die, important things fall apart, and you lose passion in key areas of life, it can be confusing to realize that you don’t know what you want next. You find yourself in-limbo and in ‘waiting’ mode – knowing what you DON’T want, but without a compelling new dream to move toward. During this workshop, experience a powerful model for navigating times of uncertainty and creativity that gives you a sense of peace and clarity for moving forward – no matter where you are in the process. You’ll leave with renewed hope and confidence, seeing a clear path forward to discovering a new path that’s more passionate and more fully YOU than ever. In this interactive program, you will:
  • Implement a natural process to re-discover or gain powerful clarity and direction relevant to all areas of life.
  • Renew hope, strengthen your confidence and discover the missing support and acknowledgement that’s essential for moving forward.
  • Identify concrete next steps you can begin taking immediately.
  • Reframe your current situation, no matter how ‘bad,’ as a launch pad for creating a life you love.
  • Discover how to avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls that can keep you stagnant and stuck, including the #1 mistake most people make that can stall your discovery of clear direction.
  • Apply the single most important, and simple, principle to keep moving forward during this time of uncertainty – and it’s something you can start doing today.

You Will Gain Renewed Hope, Strengthened Confidence, Resources, Support, And Concrete Next Steps You Can Begin Taking Immediately.


Upcoming Workshops:

Location: Ann Arbor, MI. Specific location will be given upon registration.

2 1/2-Hour Workshop: Thriving in the Midst of Change

Fall 2017 dates to be determined, 6:30pm – 9pm


Full Day Workshops (9am – 4:30pm):

Fall 2017 dates to be determined


To Register: email us to let us know your interest!

This Program Is For You If…

-You’re Successful, But Find Yourself Unexpectedly “Between-Dreams.”

-You Know What You Don’t Want, But Don’t Have Burning Clarity For What You DO Want Next.

-You’re Employed Or An Entreprenuer But Questioning Your Direction.

-The Spark Is Gone, And You’re Ready For Something More Meaningful.

-You’re Approaching a Major Life Change, And Unclear “What’s Next.”

-You Feel Caught Between All The Stress, Demands & Commitments And An Insistent Inner Nudge Or Calling That You Want A Life That’s More Vibrantly YOU.

Life Is Short. Invest This Day In Yourself – And “Live Life on Fire!”

If you’re considering this workshop and have questions, feel free to email or call us HERE.

On Fire Again! is © 2017, Rikk Hansen. Used with Permission. http://BrilliantNEXT.com