Powerfully discover, get to know and fully CLAIM what matters to you most…

and Live Life On Fire!!

When old dreams die, important things fall apart, and you lose passion in key areas of life, it can be confusing to realize that you don’t know what you want next. You find yourself in-limbo and in ‘waiting’ mode – knowing what you DON’T want, but without a compelling new dream to move toward. During this program, you will be guided thorough a series of exercises and activities that will reveal to you those aspects of who you are and what you want that MUST be a part of your life moving forward. Not only will you identify these aspects, you will also KNOW in your body and in your heart the truth of what you discover. You will have NO DOUBT about the elements of what you must have, and be ready to explore how to find the fit that is your unique expression in the world. In this program you will:
  • Discover and commit to your unique GIFTS
  • Uncover powerful CLARITY of PURPOSE
  • Dissolve sabotaging fears to unleash your ENERGY and CREATIVITY
  • Renew CONFIDENCE & TRUST in yourself and your future
  • Develop a clear and PASSIONATE direction for your next ‘LifeWork’
  • Learn the secrets to staying on track, to QUICKLY REGAIN CLARITY and MOMENTUM when faced with obstacles
  • Learn how to make temporary work and life CHOICES that support your moving forward
  • And much more!
The New Fire Discovery program is delivered in three formats and limited to 6 participants for each program:

The Full Program:

  • A 3-month program
  • Two 3-day ‘retreat’ weekends
  • Weekly group calls
  • Individual coaching

The ‘Best-of’ Program:

  • A 3-month program
  • Three 1-day ‘retreat’ days
  • Includes a condensed version of On Fire Again!
  • Group calls in-between ‘retreat’ days
  • One Individual coaching call

The Condensed Program:

  • Seven 3-hour in-person group sessions
  • The essential exercises and activities of the Full Program
  • Individual support as requested

Imagine… Feeling On-Track And Confident Again. With A Clear Sense Of What You Can Do Now To Create A Life That Fully Taps Into Your Gifts – That’s Alive With Purpose, Fulfilling, And More Successful Than Ever.


Upcoming Programs:

Location: Ann Arbor, MI. Specific location will be given upon registration.

Full Program:

2017 Dates TBD as groups form


To Register, contact us directly

‘Best-Of’ Program:

Fall 2017 Session Forming now!

Retreat Dates: To be determined as group forms

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Group Calls to scheduled as group forms – Group call times are subject to change in support of the group.

$799.00 – paid in full


Three Monthly Payments of $275 (Total $825)

To Register:


Contact me for Monthly Payment Plan


Condensed Program (7 sessions):

2017 Dates TBD as groups form


To Register:

NewFire Discovery is © 2017, Rikk Hansen. Used with Permission.

From In-Limbo to On Fire Again!

Rikk Hansen, founder of Brilliant Next, talks about the "time between dreams."