Bluefire Institute offers individual coaching and the NewFire Journey to facilitate discovering and expressing your ‘lifework’ that’s filled with purpose and passion!

Individual Coaching:

LifeVision Session

We will guide you one on one in a 3-4 hour session to create a vision for ‘what’s next’ for you that makes you feel alive!! Using a process called The Lights-On Learning Method®, you will see and have the experience of what ‘lights you up’ and learn how to more efficiently follow your aliveness creating flow in your life. Come away energized and clear about your vision for the next stage of your journey! The investment for this session is $399. Contact us to schedule yours!

On-going Support Coaching

Following or during any one of our programs, you may request one on one coaching to support you in manifesting the vision you have created for your self and your life. Sessions are individualized and will be designed around exactly what you need to move forward from where you are. This includes how frequently we coach, how long each session is, how many sessions are included as well as what is covered in each session. Pricing varies and reflects the program we create. Contact us to design a coaching support program for you!

NewFire Journey:

Part 1: On Fire Again!

Experience a powerful model for life/work change that gives peace and clarity for moving forward – no matter where you are in the process. Renew hope, discover support and acknowledgement that’s essential for moving forward. Delivered in an interactive one-day workshop format or in a condensed 1/2-day workshop.

Part 2: NewFire Discovery

Now that you know where you are in the journey, go deep to discover the ‘ingredients’ of what you MUST HAVE as part of your vision for moving forward. Delivered in two ways: 1) Seven weekly 3-hour workshops or 2) As an intensive with two 3-day retreat weekends, weekly group calls and individual coaching over a 3-month period.

Part 3: NewFire Quest

Now that you know the vital aspects of what your next lifework must have, explore in the world to find the perfect fit. Delivered over a 6-month period as group calls and individual coaching.